The Moscow Mule


Eleni’s Philoxenia

Parking: there is a u park parking lot directly across the street

Price: is fair

Portions : are good

Environment: First allow me to explain. I personally am not a fan of the open concept theme. In my opinion I feel like the tables are too close together with this type of setup and that as the restaurant gets packed it gets too loud. With that said I would not rated high in ambience.

So what’s my final take scroll down below to find out

Kevin’s Take

My meal was delicious. I’m already thinking about a return visit. I do recommend reservations. And due to the noise level I do not recommend a large groups. Also know there is not a kids menu which is okay but it’s something that parents should be aware of. Service is good but due to the freshness of the dishes the preparation time does take longer so don’t make immediate plans to close to after dinner.

Taco Flat Bread Pizza

Struggling to fit both taco night and pizza night into your weekly dinnertime rotation? Hello Fresh has got a solution: put some tasty taco toppings on flatbread crusts and watch worlds collide. Peppers, beef, and tomato bring those Tex-Mex flavors, along with two kinds of cheeses and some sour cream for fun. But when everything’s popped in the oven and allowed to get crisp, melty, and hot, there’s no denying that this really is a masterpiece of pizza.

Breakfast Burrito

Bethany Public House

Beaverton Oregon USA

First let me say that I highly recommend trying this item

you do get a choice of meats for it I chose the chorizo

the eggs the potatoes the chorizo all wrapped up and smothered with a mild salsa sauce was delicious

This breakfast item is only available on Sundays during the Sunday brunch

there’s not much I would change to this time… perhaps maybe a little more heat or a dollop of sour cream but other than that I found it to be perfect